With advances in medical technology and communication, you no longer have to go to the doctor’s office to get the health care you need. At Nu Pathway Healthcare and Wellness in Bowie, Maryland, the skilled medical team offers telehealth appointments. These provide you with the opportunity to see your health care provider from a place that’s more convenient and comfortable for you. Find out more about the telehealth service by calling the office today or booking an appointment online.

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What is telehealth?

Telehealth, also called telemedicine or a virtual visit, is the use of advanced communication technology that allows you to visit your health care provider remotely. Nu Pathway Healthcare and Wellness provides telehealth services.

With their telehealth service, the team makes health care more accessible and convenient to those who might have a hard time getting to the office because of transportation issues or a lack of time.

The telehealth service also improves patient care, especially for those with chronic conditions that require regular follow-up visits. The primary care practice uses telehealth for self-management support, providing guidance, monitoring, and educating their patients with chronic health conditions.

Telehealth also allows the team to communicate electronically with other health providers to ensure continuity of care.

Am I a candidate for telehealth services?

The Nu Pathway Healthcare and Wellness determines if you’re a candidate for telehealth services after a brief intake. Generally, the team books telehealth appointments for sick visits that involve minor illnesses or injuries.

They can also schedule telehealth appointments to provide counseling, patient education, follow-up appointments for chronic health conditions, and prescription refills.

The team might also recommend their telehealth service for your annual Medicare wellness exam and screening for disease prevention.

How does telehealth work?

For telehealth at Nu Pathway Healthcare and Wellness, all you need is a computer or mobile phone with internet access. Before your scheduled telehealth visit, the team sends you a link to a video conferencing website.

You click on the link and fill in the requested information, usually your name. You then wait in the “waiting room” until your primary care provider joins the meeting.

Your doctor talks with you about your health concerns, symptoms, and general well-being. They might also request health data, like your weight, body temperature, and home blood glucose readings.

Your doctor spends time talking with you about your health concerns and makes recommendations. They electronically send prescriptions to your pharmacy.

If you don’t have internet access, the team provides telehealth appointments over the phone.

Though the team might be able to diagnose and treat an acute or chronic health condition during your telehealth visit, in some cases, they’ll request that you schedule an in-office visit. Or they could refer you to a specialist or request lab work.

To schedule your telehealth appointment at Nu Pathway Healthcare and Wellness, call the office today or book online.