Please take the time to read our terms & conditions and understand your rights and what is expected of you and us regarding an e-visit. For more information, call us.

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Patients agree to virtual e-visit service terms, privacy policy, and charge for receiving a virtual visit from a physician or other qualified health professional.


An electronic or e-visit is an alternative designed to efficiently respond to routine, non-complex medical problems. (Examples might include: a cold or sinus infection, a mild stomach virus, follow-up of a stable chronic condition).

An e-visit is not designed for complex or non-routine medical care especially problems that might require the relating of extensive history information or a thorough physical exam. E-visits are only offered to established patients and you agree that during the visit you are representing yourself and not another person.

E-visits can be considered a non-covered service. If your insurance company determines the visit to be a non- covered service, the patient is responsible for our typical e-visit charges. Our standard e-visit charge is $85 without a subscription although additional services or screenings could cause that charge to change.

Though a payment may not be requested today, virtual e-visits will be billed to the patient’s health insurance carrier. Nu Pathway Healthcare and Wellness will submit claim charges to the patient’s insurance carrier for charges associated with the virtual e-visit. Once the patient’s insurance carrier has processed the claim if a balance remains under patient responsibility Nu Pathway Healthcare and Wellness will send out a statement to the patient for the remaining balance. Patient agrees to remit payment for balances/ charges not covered by their health insurance carrier.

Requests for e-visits must be confirmed and scheduled by our office prior to the e-visit. Prior to the visit you may be asked to complete certain medical questionnaires. Sometimes, after reviewing your information, or during the e-visit it may be determined that your problem is too complex for an e-visit session. In that case our office will schedule you for a traditional office visit and your e-visit fee will be applied to the patient balance related to your office visit or refunded per our practice’s billing policy.

Our physicians, nurse practitioners and other providers will appropriately document the virtual e-visit, including all pertinent communication- related to the encounter, in the patient’s medical/health record. The physician and nurse practitioners will define period of time within which responses to a virtual e-visit request are completed. During the virtual e-visit, the nurse practitioner or physician may make recommendations, provide medical advice and/or prescribe, refill or recommend medications. The physician or nurse practitioner may suggest the patient to receive additional care, examination, testing and/or treatment at a medical facility in-person. If necessary, the Nurse or physician may also suggest that the patient receive care in an emergency room.

Communication during an e-visit may be exchanged via teleconference, landline phone, cellular phone and online chat. These methods are by their very nature not as secure as a face-to-face encounter. By requesting an e-visit you acknowledge that personal health information will be communicated in a manner that is subject to hacking and other malicious behavior. Terms of this agreement include the main method of electronic communication that occurs over a HIPAA-compliant online connection (NextGen Meditouch).