Nu Pathway Healthcare and Wellness in Bowie, Maryland, is a full-service primary care practice focusing on making health care affordable and accessible. That’s why the team offers concierge medicine. Concierge medicine allows patients to pay the practice directly and receive comprehensive primary care services like physical exams, telehealth appointments, and house calls. Find out more about concierge medicine by calling the office today or requesting information online.

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What is concierge medicine?

Concierge medicine is a health practice in which patients pay the practice or provider directly instead of going through health insurance.

Health insurance premiums and deductibles make it hard for many people to access reliable and comprehensive health care. Health providers who use the health insurance model for reimbursement also need to maintain a high-patient caseload to make enough money to cover their overhead costs.

Concierge medicine at Nu Pathway Healthcare and Wellness is an affordable alternative to your high-cost health insurance.

What kinds of concierge medicine subscriptions are available?

Nu Pathway Healthcare and Wellness offers three kinds of concierge medicine subscriptions. Each requires an initiation fee plus monthly fees and co-payments priced according to your plan.

The concierge medicine subscriptions at Nu Pathway Healthcare and Wellness include:


The basic concierge medicine subscription offers you regular access to medical treatments as needed, including annual physicals, in-office sick visits, and telehealth appointments.


The classic concierge medicine plan at Nu Pathway Healthcare and Wellness includes a full year of treatments, including in-office and telemedicine visits.


The advanced concierge medicine subscription is a full-service plan for the entire year. Like the other plans, your visits include in-office and telehealth appointments with little to no out-of-pocket costs at the time of service.

There’s no contract with any of the concierge medicine subscriptions at Nu Pathway Healthcare and Wellness and you can cancel at any time.

What are concierge medicine services?

Concierge medicine services at Nu Pathway Healthcare and Wellness include all the services you’d expect from your primary care provider and more. Services include:

Annual physical exams

Your annual physical exam checks your current health and your risk of future health problems. It’s your most important health visit of the year.

Sick visits

To manage those unexpected illnesses and injuries, the team offers concierge medicine participants priority sick visits to see their provider as soon as possible.


Nu Pathway Healthcare and Wellness offers telehealth visits to their concierge patients to help them manage their overall health and well-being and minor illnesses.

House calls

House calls are also part of the concierge medicine service at Nu Pathway Healthcare and Wellness.

Nursing home visits

Nu Pathway Healthcare and Wellness also provides nursing home visits as part of their concierge medicine service.

For comprehensive health and affordable health care, call Nu Pathway Healthcare and Wellness today or book an appointment online to learn more about their concierge medicine plans.