Owen Gardner Avatar
Owen Gardner
9/11/2023 - Google
This medical clinic provides the best, efficient, friendly care any one can ask. Dr. Fletcher is friendly and knowledgeable and treats with compassion!!
C. Wayde Bryant Avatar
C. Wayde Bryant
9/11/2023 - Google
She is extremely knowledgeable and professional. I was able to share what my experience has been as I journey the the program and she made feel the support from her and the team. I'm excited and eager to complete the program!
Imani Mintz Avatar
Imani Mintz
9/25/2022 - Google
Was looking for a pain management specialist and they took my insurance. It was a quick service I recommended people in my disability group.
Mr Hicks Avatar
Mr Hicks
9/25/2021 - Google
Couldn't be more pleased with Dr. Fletcher.
Gwen Payne Avatar
Gwen Payne
9/25/2021 - Google
Love Dr. MarieChantal Fletcher! Her holistic medical approach to my senior wellness is commendable, which is very much appreciated. With only 2 visits, she is just what my Heavenly Physician ordered as i approach a new senior decade of life! She is a life changer; she not only listens, but she hears your health concerns… will travel miles to wherever she is located.