There are many great reasons to see a primary care doctor! When you have a primary care doctor that you can bring all of your health-related concerns to, it is much easier to establish trust and familiarity than to have to rely on the revolving cast of doctors in urgent care clinics and emergency rooms. Establishing care with a primary care doctor also allows all of your medical records to be in one place which keeps one provider in the know of whats going on with your health, which in turn provides safer healthcare. Also seeing a primary care doctor is more cost effective and saves you time, as the copay is much less in a PCP setting and the wait time is shorter as opposed to the urgent care or ER facilities.

The established trust and familiarity with a primary care doctor can give you peace of mind while also saving you time and money in the long run and providing you with preventative measures for your long-term health!

At Nu Pathway Healthcare & Wellness, we would love to be your primary care provider!

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